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Going on a base art challenge project binge and created a bunch of art from a whole bunch of base I found in dA and the rest of the internet.

Sorry for the uber lack of update~ (4 years worth of hiatus) We're both being supermamas and having real life to deal with, so we could only update whenever we are free or when our muse hit us, so yeah, please don't kill us~ >___<""

Get Your Dance On


The Beasties Pose

Base (c) :iconredrumterror: or :iconcroxovergoddess: or whoever owns the original base reference


A quick sketch of Juana (Jackie's past life) in a medieval-ish armor. Her helmet has been knocked off.

The Beasties Series: The After-Legends

I've always had this nagging thought after laying out and planning the plot that there should be at least a sort of epilogue volume where The Beasties return to Earth or something, and somehow that thought had morphed into a series of plots for a volume called The After-Legends.

Here are my plot points:
  • Life in the Danger Zone was all peaceful until there came the Black War
  • The Beasties had to do battle with the forces of evil who call themselves The Black Siriuses
  • Everyone died except The Beasties
  • The main purpose of The Black Siriuses was to search for the most worthy opponent and conquer the planet if the opponent failed to defeat them
  • 111 years passed after The Beasties blacked out from the war
  • They have defeated The Black Siriuses but have lost their planet in the process
  • They were in the brink of death when The Cyprine Crystals self-destructed themselves and, using their smashed entities, formed a force-field around The Beasties as they drifted in space
  • They floated into the depths of The Milky Way and remained there, hibernating for 111 years
  • They soon found themselves back on Earth—the futuristic Earth
  • There were all kinds of people taking residents in Earth, including beings from other planets. Their arrival and appearances was not a foreign thing to the Earthlings.
  • The Beasties learnt to adjust, remaining in human form unless the situation requires them to
  • They changed their names: Jericho (Josh), Jubilee (Journey), Foley—pronounced as Fo-lay—(Fresco), Lavender (Laurel), Elijah (Eolian), Konner (Kale) and Hacyth (Hydro)
  • They earned a small living becoming private detectives for the city and walked around calling themselves ‘The Sexy Seven’.
  • A crude group of terrorists from the planet Pluto’s moon came over and declared World War IV
  • The whole world was under their reign for quite a time
  • Elijah, Lavender and Foley were captured into the terrorists’ lair and were brainwashed
  • Konner, Hacyth and Jubilee joined in a few freedom fighters and plotted to rid of the terrorists and also tried to bring Elijah, Lavender and Foley back to the good side
  • Jericho was stuck in the middle of nowhere in a vast desert when she and the rest of The Sexy Seven were separated and thrown off during a blast
  • She came across a small boy being chased by a great number of Druids (new Earth term for police), fought them off and unofficially became the boy’s bodyguard
  • The boy revealed his name as Matthias and he was born from a relationship between a terrorist and an Earthling
  • His father, a freedom fighter, took his terrorist mother as captive and raped her out of hatred and anger and she died giving birth to him
  • His father didn’t want to have anything to do with him, so he gave him away
  • He had lived peacefully with his foster family for quite a while but all of a sudden, he woke up finding himself in the midst of his foster family’s dead bodies
  • He couldn’t remember anything since he fell asleep and was sure that he had nothing to do with the killings, although he was drenched in blood
  • Jericho suspected that he did
  • More and more Druids and terrorists came, all of them after Matthias
  • Jericho had to battle them one by one and keep the boy from harm until she reunites with The Sexy Seven
  • In the middle of the journey, they’ve come across a mysterious man who call himself Garden Boy and was always seen riding his really peculiar tank
  • Jericho and Garden Boy hated each other’s guts and swore that once the war was over, they were going to fight to the death.
  • Garden Boy was always seen wearing a mask over his face. No one has ever seen his face before.
  • Matthias had to be the peacemaker between the two and stop them from killing themselves before the war was over
  • Garden Boy revealed to Matthias that he wanted to be in the war and destroy the terrorists so that he could make the whole Earth green again
  • Due to the futuristic environment, plants were scarce, and Garden Boy had created a species of plants that can adapt to any kind of situation on Earth and would thrive well in harsh environments

That's about it, and the rest I already have more or less scrapped it, but who knows, if I decided to reboot The Beasties series, this might come back

The Beasties Series: Special Segment (Book 5 Omake: The Wedding)

Well, here you are, all there is to show of The Beasties Collection that I've done over the years. Carry on to stay tuned, because there will prolly be more new entries on The Beasties as we go by!

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